The Wren & Fraser team have over 60 years’ business experience between them and have worked with some of the UKs leading companies. They bring a lifetime of experience and professionalism into the later life planning arena. From our own experiences of losing a family member and the bereavement process, we chose to look at Funeral Plans and how we could improve on what was currently available.

We identified a need for clarity, integrity and a more 21st century approach to funeral planning in the UK. We could not believe for example that there were only 1.2 million funeral plans written in a country with over 65 million people. Compare that to Holland where they have over 60% of the population taking out a plan and in Spain where over 20 million people have made provisions. Why are we so far behind? We felt the need to bring our expertise and business acumen to the Funeral Planning marketplace here in the UK to try to make a change, a change for the better.

Our simple, uncomplicated OnePlan approach to Funeral Plans was then born. Developed as a direct response to feedback from consumers, various industry reports and media articles which highlighted that funeral plans are often regarded as confusing and potentially misleading, we felt that to lead with the strap line OnePlan helped provide clarity in a market littered with confusion.

In particular most companies sell a variety of plans, with differing pricing strategies. This can lead to consumers choosing plans that still involve major additional financial contributions when it comes to settlement. For example in a recent survey, independent consumer research company Fairer Finance, found that over 90% of people who purchased one of the many ‘contribution plans’ thought that all of their cremation costs were guaranteed, which unfortunately wasn’t the case.

Less expensive funeral plans may cost less now but loved ones can be very often faced with a significant shortfall when the time comes. At conception Wren & Fraser felt it important that we help consumers understand these differences. We therefore decided a simple, fully comprehensive plan that provides more benefits than any other in the market.

OnePlan, simple!

What Makes US Different

All pre-paid funeral plans guarantee your funeral directors services frozen at today’s prices. However, a large part of the overall funeral costs are made up of 3rd party costs or disbursements, included in which are the cremation or burial fees, ministers fees and, where appropriate, doctor’s fees.

With cremation funerals, most prepaid funeral plan providers only provide a contribution towards these 3rd party costs, which means that there could be a shortfall when the time comes that your family will have to pay.

Wren & Fraser provide the highest contribution towards third party costs of all plans sold in the UK and guarantees to cover the funeral services outlined in your plan when the time comes no matter how much the cost increases or how far in the future it might be needed. Some provider’s contributions remain fixed at the date the plan was taken out meaning your loved ones may have a more significant shortfall to make up when the time comes.

A Wren & Fraser Plan is also more than just putting the right amount of money aside to pay for your funeral. Our OnePlan supports you and your family every step of the way with support and confidential guidance from a trusted Funeral Director and access to a 24-hour bereavement counselling service.