Offered as part of your Wren & Fraser funeral plan, you can now capture the special moments of your life in our unique digital scrapbook.
Developed with our partners at Pulsion, “Memory Lane” is the story of your life, told in your words, with your voice, pictures and video clips, for you and your family to enjoy now and to be your legacy to leave behind in the future.

Store your most special memories of your life in a digital format

Flicking through photograph albums and reliving the memories of the time they portray is how many of us have spent afternoons in the past when family came round. With Memory Lane your memories are now live and online for your family to share and for you to add your voice to – at any time. Imagine your family being able to hear you tell the story of each picture for years and generations to come.

Every picture tells a story

A photograph is a powerful reminder of a moment in time. Collectively they tell the story of a life and the people and locations who are part of it, be it an individual or a group of people in a community we all have a story to tell.

Add personalised voice tags to the photos in your memories

How many times have you looked at an old photograph and wondered who was in it? In many cases our Gran wrote the who, the where and the when on the back. With Memory Lane we go one step further and have you tell the story of the photograph in your words. The messages you can leave attached to each picture can be so powerful, you can leave your heartfelt thoughts embedded within a picture or video for many generations to know the real you.

Choose who can see your memories and how they are shared

Privacy is at the core of our application. Everything you create is set to a private memory mode which you can then decide who to share with, both now and in the future. Fully encrypted and totally secure these are your memories, your story, we let you decide who to share it with.


Wren & Fraser partnered with Pulsion, have developed a safe and secure place to store your important documents, financial details, your will, any policies or important documents you want kept safe and secure.

Our Digital Document Vault removes the worry of having to find important log on details, legal documents or financial details quickly – you can feel confident that you have secured your online life in your own Private Vault.

Within the Vault you can set executor privileges in the event of something happening to you. This allows close family members access to what you wish them to see at a time when.

Like your Memory Lane Profile, your Digital Document Vault is fully private. What you see online is simply an icon of your Vault contents – all content is stored offline and only displayed in your secure portal when you need access to it.