The Wren & Fraser Signature Funeral Plans Trust is a totally independent trust fund, legally separate from Wren & Fraser. This means that if anything were to happen to Wren & Fraser, your money would still be safe.

All payments are passed to the Wren & Fraser Signature Funeral Plans Trust, with Guardian Professional Trustees Ltd acting as Custodian Trustee. They oversee the Trust’s bank account and, under the supervision of a professional Actuary, ensure the Trust Fund always has the finances to meet its` obligations to its` plan holders.

The money for your funeral plan in the Wren & Fraser Signature Funeral Plans Trust is ring-fenced and not accessible by Wren & Fraser or any Funeral Director until required.

The Wren & Fraser Signature Funeral Plans Trust meets all the requirements set by the Funeral Planning Authority to ensure Plan holders’ protection. It is also actuarially valued and audited on an annual basis by the Chief Actuary at Rowanmoor, a top FCA regulated company who are a market leader in their field. There is also an Annual Fund Report produced which is available to view on request. Our strict financial protocol ensures both peace of mind and total security for all our Funeral Plan customers.


The Funeral Planning Authority, are a professional body whose responsibilities include consumer protection within the Funeral Planning sector. It requires that all registered providers place customer money into an independent trust fund or a whole-of-life insurance policy.

We choose to secure our customer’s money with an independent trust fund that conforms to FPA rules to guarantee maximum and absolute protection. In line with all current legislation, as set out under the ‘Regulated Activities Order’ (Financial Services and Marketing Act 2000), plan holders’ monies are invested securely in a ring-fenced trust fund that is overseen and managed by independent trustees, in Wren & Frasers’ case, with Guardian Professional Trustees Ltd.


We hope that your family won’t need to access your plan for many, many years, but we all know economic circumstances can change, so it’s important you know exactly where your money is going and that it’s being looked after responsibly.

From the moment when you take out a Wren & Fraser OnePlan, you have the reassurance that your money is protected and that these funds are guaranteed to cover the funeral director’s services as detailed in your OnePlan terms and conditions. This money is held in the Wren & Fraser Trust Fund.