Organising a funeral at an already difficult time can be both emotionally and financially challenging.

A funeral plan helps you to plan and pay towards a funeral in advance. It helps to lessen the financial weight of a funeral and reduces the stress and worry for your loved ones. In 2017, the average cost of a funeral was £4,078. This is projected to rise to £7,000 in 10 years. By taking out a funeral plan now, you can ensure that the funeral costs are covered in advance, index linked to today`s prices.

Exactly how much of your costs are covered depends on which plan provider you choose, Wren & Fraser OnePlan guarantees to cover the funeral directors costs for arranging and conducting the funeral. This means you can ‘lock in’ these costs at today’s prices, meaning the sooner you take out a funeral plan, the more money you are likely to save.


It is thought there are as many as 10 million people across the UK who don’t have the savings to cover unexpected costs should a loved one die without leaving any provision to pay for their funeral. In fact, only a tiny minority of people (less than 6%) plan their own send off. This is despite recent research that shows that nine out of 10 British people say the most important consideration when thinking about their own funeral is that their personal wishes are followed.*

Making sure you get the funeral you want is one reason why more people should arrange a funeral plan, but there are also more practical financial reasons. A funeral presents a large amount of money for your loved ones to find when you’re gone. Planning ahead helps save your friends and family additional worry when you die and safeguards your family from higher funeral prices, helping to reduce the financial burden on them.

For those families who are left struggling to pay for funeral costs This can result in:

  • Borrowing money from a friend or relative
  • Putting funeral costs onto a credit card
  • Taking out a loan
  • Negotiating instalment plans with their funeral director
  • Selling belongings to cover costs

In the absence of a funeral plan the actual detail around the type of funeral you desire is left for your family to decide. This can add stress and confusion at an already difficult time. With a Funeral Plan, your family can avoid painful conversations over what your last wishes were, and you can avoid them overspending because you will have clearly set out all your wishes, providing both you and your family with greater peace of mind.

*Public Attitudes to Funeral Issues, survey conducted by James Law Research on behalf of Golden Charter, March 2018.